How would a guy feel if a girl has not kissed before?

What if I'm 28 years old and never have kissed a guy. I'm shy and it's not because of lack of opportunity. What would guys think of that?


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  • that she is so practical and gives another things in her life the proiority and she hasn't been fooling around when she was younger, and that she is clean and well behaved, and most important that her heart is still virgin and if I started a relationship with her I'll be her only and first love, and at that age (28) she will really know how to appreciate me after she has found me. that's seriously what would go on my mind if the girl was open with me and said it in an honest and nice way.

    and no I'm not a saint, I'm a normal guy and sick of people that don't respect relationships and love means nothing to them...

    my intput here would be: be confident and confess about it in a joking openly way when you are talking to the guy, don't look sad about it, if he found that you are proud of it or that you see it as funny then he will see it like that as well. oncifdence is the most important and that's how you make credit out of your flaws in relationship, but in ur situation its not a flaw, its personal preference and highest class.

    thats my opinion because I think kissing has very high emotional meanings

    • Wow your right on! I was busy and focused with University and my career that I didn't meet anyone that I had connection with. Being really shy makesit even harder to meet guys. I completely agree with you when you said that kissing has very high emotional meaning because, that is how I feel and would like to share it with someone that I have connection with and feel that it can be something special. Thanks for your advice:)

    • I just wanted to add, that being a successful woman at educaiton and work and yet shy when it comes to guys or seeing them is really attractive, I'm not usually into the shy kind of women but in your case I think every real man will prefer you over any other kinds of women when it comes to a serious relationship... best wishes :)

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  • Probably would be curious as to why. I am not a guy who is going to rush to judgment but if you don't give me reasons I will probably start making assumptions based on your personality.

    • What if the person is really shy and is afraid of making a fool of herself. Most people have kissed already by now and it's embrassing that I have not.

    • Well I am basing this on if I found out. I would probably assume you have otherwise. You could easily just avoid the topic. Once you kissed a guy you liked it would be a nice touch to say something like "Can I tell you a secret, it is kind of embarrassing but you are my first kiss".. it would be sign of trust and he should feel flattered.

  • I'd think 'Why not, let's give it a try'

  • That she thinks she's too good for anyone.


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