Does this mean she's still interested?

Been talking to this girl for about 3 months now, and I seriously thought she had lost all interest in me. She's been "too busy" with schoolwork the past 3 weeks, and hasn't had anytime to see me. Plus she has started reading and not responding to my texts a lot, so I assumed she didn't care about me anymore.

Sunday night she read one of my texts and didn't respond, so I figured that she wasn't interested anymore, and I didn't text her again. Then last night (3 days later) she sent me this big long text apologizing for "being a jerk lately" because she "has no right to be, especially because you [me] are just nice to me."

I was overjoyed when I saw she sent that. So does this mean she's still interested? Should we move on from those 3 days of silence and continue to have our normal texting conversations/trying to find time to hang out, like we've been doing for the past 3 months?

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  • its possible. if she weren't interested she could've just left it hanging. just don't go back to what you were normally doing, otherwise same pattern may repeat.


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  • Try flirting MAKE HER JEALOUS YOU'LL KNOW I hate it soo much when my crush is hugging another girl or something

  • yeah, act interested but don't bombard her w messages bc she will think she has you too easy. cool it a bit and she will chase you back like she is now


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  • She is probably interested in you