Why would a guy jokingly say he is gay? Does that mean he is gay or he is joking?

I have been talking to this guy for past 3 months. I dont know if he has any psychological issues or not but he has lately been calling me ugly, fat and then right after say he is joking and i am really pretty and he wants to be with me forever. He does now and then call me a bitch and all that and i find it disrespectful and tell him that its not how matured and civilized people talk. then he goes he is joking, he feels he can tell me anything coz he likes me so much. Yesterday he called me and all of sudden out of no where he says he is gay and he kept going of how he was gay for 2 years and he had a physical relationship with a guy and how the guy gave him a bj. I was shocked and i was like wtf is this shit! he kept going how nobody understands him and girls rejected him after listening to this and now he has told me so i shouldn't leave him. I then told him that this is a really sick joke he is playing and if he really wants me to leave him then he should just say not play this gay joke. Anyways after that he was like how did i know he was joking and he wanted to see how i would react and then he was like yeah we should stop talking to each other. I said ok and we hung up. Then again he messaged me after 2 mins and he goes he was joking i am not ugly i am actually really pretty and he wants to be with me forever. I am really confused as to if this guy is a psycho or just likes to annoy me or what? Can someone help me understand him? I do like him but after he said the gay story it was a turn off for me. I dont know what to do? Is he really gay? 4 weeks ago he did mention one time i asked him whats up he was like i feel like fucking a guy! seriously i am having a doubt now? please somebody tell me?

I did stop talking to him he keeps coming back to me. Blocks me and then unblocks me and then messages me first. We didn't talk for 4 days and last night he called me.


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  • Sounds like he doesn't like you and he want you to leave him alone.

    • i did we stopped talking he keeps blocking and unblocking me and messages me everytime. i never message him first only when he messages i reply

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    • when i do that he goes crazy and blows up my phone.

    • Change your number -_- @Asker

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  • Sounds like he's bipolar. You should set your feelings aside and read into it. It's a really sad disease. But a lot of people just don't have the mentality to deal with being around someone they care for that has that disease. It usually triggers in the latter teens to somewhere in the 20s.

  • he's latent gay

    • i was thinking the same lol

    • yep. chose a movie with some homoerotic moments and see his reaction ;)