How to stop over thinking guys?

So I keep second guessing things with this guy that I like (he also likes me). I'll see that he's best friends with some girl on snapchat who I don't know and then assume he doesn't like me.. which is completely stupid... it's just snapchat. I also get worried that I'm asking him if he wants to do something too much... worried that it'll make him sick of me and leave. Then we haven't texted in two days.. and I immediately am like OH he doesn't like me at all. When last time we texted it was great and a funny conversation.. at the same time.. he doesn't really like texting that much. I'm being silly because I KNOW that he likes me and is a genuinely good guy. I know that I'm currently being dumb about this. It's stupid to overthink because he basically treats me like a girlfriend, holding my hand in public and just being really sweet. How do I stop overthinking this? I've been pretty chill about it but the past two days I'm stupidly freaking out. I just don't want to mess anything up, but I feel if I continue to over think.. I will do that. In the past, guys usually just leave. Ugh!


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  • Darling, print out your confession and read it daily or hourly depending on your needs. Use it as a roadmap for change to do a 180 from how you treated the other guys.

    ' I just don't want to mess anything up,'

    Just got to do the best you can and release him. We all mess up. Have you asked him if he wants you as a committed gf and does he wants to commit to you as a committed bf? If so, just gotta trust.

    Now if I was you bf I'd love all your attention. But he is not me. You should try to develop an active life outside of the relationship so you have healthy pastimes too occupy your mind so you don't obsess all the time.

    Try practicing mindfulness and meditation on nothingness to calm your brain. A constantly busy mind cannot heal itself.

    Good luck!

  • Maybe this quote will help you
    We are all stupid and even the ones with the best brains make mistakes, so its better to have made some mistakes and learned then making none and be blank

    • TRUTH.

    • Call him right now and ask him if he wants to hang out tonight or something
      Make some mistakes, gagers are here if you fall and if you succeed lol join gagers and help someone else

    • I'm going to definitely see if he'd like to do something tonight.. I mean he kinda won't be here for an entire week and I wanna see him before he leaves. Thank you! :)

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