What should I think of this?

so yesterday i asked her to be my girlfriend, she said yes, she is still recovering from the misscariage she had from our child. tomorrow i think she goes clubbing with this ""good friend"" of hers, a guy, i dont really like it but i know now, if i tell her i dont want her to do that, she probably gets pissed off with me. she probably even tells me when i tell her to be carefull because she is still recovering from a misscariage , that she isn't a child , and most likely block me on whats app. or start cussing. im thinking about , sending her a small text tomorrow, wishing her fun , and that i expect she doesn't do anything irresponsible, concidering she is with me, and she is recovering. i feel like i have to send her that text, im even willing to go that club, to keep an eye on her from a distance, seeing what she is up to. should i text her, knowing she gets angry, or should i just trust her... i find it irresponsible that she goes out with another guy, it hurts me, and if they both drink, and than what, how is she going to get home, she is all alone with him, or they have a car accident, or he does something to her. should i go that club myself? and keep a watchfull eye on her? jesus what is she even thinking, she has a 7 yo daughter.


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  • I would be pissed at you too! Honestly, if you feel you have to tell her to be careful and make good decisions, you aren't acting like a boyfriend, you're acting like a dad. I can understand why she would go out with other friends to a club... to have fun. Who wants to go clubbing with their dad? Going there and secretly watching her is stalker behavior. If you distrust her that much, cut her loose.

    • i dont distrust her, i distrust others, she should be going with a group, now she is alone with this friend, what if they are both drunk, get in a car and get an accident, or they lose each other out of eyeside, and she is picked up by some weird folk, thats my concern. and actually clubbing, why not with me. I've read the more i prohibit her from doing something , the more likely she will do it, actually i should just tell her, i wish you a great time, and give me a rang when something is wrong, or call me when you are home. your guy--or how should i act in this position, can you imagine as her bf that im worried, she is a good looking girl, and she is actually recovering from a failed pregnance, yes she was pregnant from me, she has her 7 yo daughter, having fun, ok but at least be responsible.

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  • jesus what is she even thinking... What should I think of this?

    You should think long and hard and don't let your dick do the thinking either. I'd move on if it was me. Print your question out and re-read it. Is that the kind of gal you want as a gf?

    • tell me, i love this girl but she is just so irresponsible, and when ever i tell her to be carefull she just tells me, to not treat her as a child, etc... im just concerned for her, i dont mind her having a good time, but jesus christ, go with a group, dont get wasted, the doctor told you to sit down as much as possible, and than this guy comes along and they want to club. and what am i supposed to do, sit at home, sleeping , without even wondering once what she could be doing. what if she loses him out of his eyeside, and gets taken by others, gotta find out what her plans are tomorrow. i hope she isn't going to the club... or ill give her a piece of my mind. i tell her listen. 1 you both drink, so than what, how do you get home, 2. how do i even know, if i can trust this guy when he is drunk, 3. what if you lose each other, and you dont know were to go , with all these drunks fuckers there, what if you both get in the car and you get an accident.

    • would you like it, if i would be hanging around with other girls, and no you are not my possession and yes i want you to have fun, and i love you and because i love you, im concerned. that means i care about you. you have a 7 year old daughter at home, what if something happens to her mother. than what, and what about me, you even think im going to bed not worrying. i want you to have fun but do it on a responsible way, go with a group , dont drink, have fun, dance but dont do anything you will regret. you are still recovering from a misscariage, do you want your daughter and me, worrying about you all night. please dont do this, and if you dont want to do it for me, than do it for your little girl. and if you get angry with me , for worrying about all this, while i care about you, than there is something wrong with all of this. you dont like me driving when im tired either, so as your boyfriend, i tell you this, i dont like it. having fun sure allright, but not this way.

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