I think a guy likes me but he has a girlfriend?

All my classes got mixed up recently and I have never met some of the people in my new classes and there is this guy who is dating girl I used to be friends with. He hasn't spoken to me yet but always stares at me in class. quite a lot of people have noticed him always either staring at me or giving me short glances. He also comes really a bit too close to me in the hallways when its not very packed and even touches my arm sometimes. his friends when they see me start nudging him and acting weird and he just just shy and tells them to stop. also the other day i was walking down the hall and he was with his girlfriend holding her hand and when he saw me and he let moved completely away from her and ignored her when she tried to speak to him, naturally i just walked past ignoring what i just saw and he watched me the whole time. so yeah i think he likes me but he has a girlfriend and i don't really wanna get in the way of their relationship so what do i do?

Also i think his girlfriend has started to notice his attention towards me and she's been giving me strange looks..


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  • dont do anything
    and if he breaks up with her for you, dont make the mistake of saying yes. If a guy leaves a girl for you then he will leave you for someone else for sure

    P. s the statement is regarding your scenario lol it doesn't mean that every time a guy breaks up he's undateable


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