What about these two guys. I am sandwiched in between them?

I had a very good male friend in my university. He had a girlfriend in the same university who never gave him a good time. He even told me to speak to her when they broke up. I talked with her but she misbehaved with me too. She was practically more jealous of me as her boyfriend and I were good friends. The guy on the other hand is a good friend of mine and he even helped me in taking me to hospital thrice when I was ill and was away from home. I even noticed one thing in that guy, he doesn't bear any one insulting me. He even asked me once that do I like anyone in that University or if someone had to propose me then how can he. Not to mention I had told him that I was in love with my classmate. Few days ago he insulted me in front of the class & I cried a lot and showed his insulting messages in Facebook Group to my friend. He became very angry and posted a status over Facebook saying "a man should be a man, not a woman while dealing with a fragile girl. Otherwise stay away." that status caught the eyes of my classmate who asked him that if that status is for him, my friend should remove it right away and take his words back. I just want to know if my friend likes me? And what about my classmate? Is he guilty?


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  • it sounds like your friend is just being a friend. when you sent him what happened you were practically asking for him to help you so he did. And it sounds like the guy who insulted you just got jealous


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