Dating, stretch marks, loose skin?

I know there are already hundreds of questions like this but I want to ask in my own way. I am a 22 y/o female who has lost 100 pounds and I am getting a lot of attention as I am now relatively fit and have an attractive face. My concern is what a potential partner would think when I wasn't clothed. I look very good when I am all dressed up but as hard as it is to admit I do have lots of stretch marks on thighs, stomach, arms, back. Also a little bit of loose skin on stomach, not a lot but I do have some. I do not like them but I honestly have to deal with them as they may never go away. My question is if you saw a "hot" girl but found out her body doesn't look like what you thought if did, would that change your mind about her? Besides my body I have in my opinion an awesome personality and a hard work ethic and I go after what I want, granted my 100 pound weight loss. Thanks for your honest answers.


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  • first, fucking congratulations on dropping that 100 lbs of weight! damn gurl! you are fucking awesome! okay now, the stretch marks. don't worry about them. only a shallow douche would care, and you're not into shallow douches anyways so it will all work out in the end. :D


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  • Honestly, if it does matter, then the guy ain't worth shit. It's ridiculous to judge someone over that kind of stuff because if you really mean something to the guy there shouldn't be a problem. I know that the body can be a touchy subject, but you should be proud of yourself for getting this far and if you are still feeling nervous about it you could start going to the gym.

    • Ok thanks and I do go to the gym to tone up

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  • I've found that not a lot of men give a rat's ass if you have stretch marks or blemishes. They're just happy to be in a room with a naked girl.