I am so depressed please help me.. he said he sees me as a friend?

This is long plzzz bear with me. We've been talking to each other for 4 months. Met through a common friend. Since last month we've been seeing each other twice every week for the whole day. We've been behaving like a couple, him paying for dates, taking me out to really good restaurants, kissing, cuddling, texting, traveling together.. Telling me I'm beautiful everyday, kissing my forehead, Everything was just perfect.

So he didn't tell me anything about what's going on or how he feels so I made the huge mistake of bringing that up while he was at my house today. He told me straight out that he sees me as a friend. I was shocked!!! He said he is not ready as he has baggage from his previous relationship and because he feels he will hurt me. He said he's sorry he kissed me and gave me the wrong signals but he wants to be friends and if I don't want the physical part we could cut that off but he can't be in a relationship.

I'm so so so hurt right now I have no words! I literally thought we were a couple. We got along so well and spent so much time together. We didn't have sex. What should I do? I feel sick. Should I be his friend?


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  • Based on what you told me, it seems that he only dated you to forget about his ex, but it obviously didn't work and now he regrets it.

    The best thing to do is to keep some distance from him for now. He should get the message that what he said to you hurt your feelings. If he's worth it, he should apologize to you for what he did. If not, then sorry...

    • He still wants to meet me and do all the coupley things and he said it takes a lot of time for him to fall in love so right now he sees me as a friend but he said you never know. So should I take the chance? I really love hanging out with him.

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    • Sounds like something you want to stay out of...

      I don't know, but it all seems too dramatic to be what it seems.

    • Ya true

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  • At the very most, he maybe wants to sleep with you but not take it to the level of relationship.

    But that may not even be the case.
    If you're down to have some sex, go for it.
    If he's still saying he doesn't want that, you should probably walk.

    • After he told me he wants to be friends I said I won't get physical with him if we're friends and he said he understands and he still would want to see me and hang out with me.

    • Well my friend, you've just been friendzoned.

      Time to find a new lead.

    • Yeah makes sense

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