Is he really done or does he just need space?

My boyfriend and I have been together since July. Things were (obviously) blissful in the beginning. Things started getting rocky. We would argue over small things, and we said we would continue to try because we both loved each other. Just this past weekend, we went out of town, just us, and had a wonderful time. It was amazing. I made a mistake the following Monday and got upset with him because I felt like he was ignoring my texts. I said things out of anger and frustration (I know, bad idea).

The next morning, I heard from him saying he was done. Done with the arguing, done with the relationship. This was all over Facebook messenger, mind you. I was appalled. I know I made a mistake by acting that way, but to break up with me over facebook? Really?

Basically my question is this. Is he really done, or does he just need time? I have been trying to give him his space. I still have things of his, and vice versa. We are also still friends on Facebook, and still "in a relationship." Am I holding onto nothing? I guess I m wishful thinking he will come back because we had such a good weekend, and that Monday he was saying such sweet things to me.


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  • I'm young born in the generation of text... But listen, I've been dating for a year and yes we had our rough time. We would argue over the itty bitty stuff like who gets to be in charge of what bus to take... But listen to my advice... Drop your phone. U wanna know if he is done, walk to his ass in person, pull him aside and ask him. Not rudely but talk. Communication is important, but not just any communication, proper communication. Text no. Facebook, no. Calling on the phone... I wouldn't like it. U get it? If he lies in person, u can read his face. If he lies on Facebook, u don't know.

    Logic: our perception alters the way we view the emotion, emphasize and tone on letters. I view the words "I love you" different then if u said it. Its just like confessing.


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  • Your generation texts and messages so much you've forgotten how to communicate in person or on the phone. Some of you never did know how to communicate on a personal level. Electronic messages is not communicating. Its there for all the world to see. I would dump anyone that wanted to do that to me. Get off the fucking phone and computer and stand in front of him and tell him you were wrong that you love him and want another chance. Do this with your mouth using spoken words. Jesus Christ I've never seen such dysfunctional people as your generation


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