Shady behavior by boyfriend or am I over thinking?

So my boyfriend keeps his chest hairy... he doesn't have that much hair and I like him with hair on his chest so he always keeps it that way. He was shaving his beard and decided that he would shave his chest and he took selfies of himself. The last time he took selfies of his chest over a year ago before we had broke up he had sent them to me but also to other girls. This time his chest is shaved and he's taking pictures of his chest again and had a few pics on his phone of full nude. He is the one who showed me and I asked him who he was trying to impress and the purpose. He says this time I'm over thinking and he's not trying to send these pictures to anyone he just wants to see how he looks since he's been working out. I said so why the nudity down there and pics? No answer except saying he was just being 'vain'. This to me is suspect behavior especially considering his past. He hates that I bring up his past but it's set a tone for what I know about him.
Not to mention we went shopping for tank tops cause and he's really tall so I said a large size would be good. He insisted on medium. Came home and tried them. I said well it will fit under his shirts. He then stated it's to work out in. I told him he should have picked up a Large or XL cause although he's fit he is tall and him in a Medium shirt looks funny. But he always wears baggy tshirts and sweats to the gym so now with the shaving chest and pics plus now wanting to wear a tank top to the gym to what he says is for himself I think he's trying to impress someone. I confronted him and he keeps on saying I'm being ridiculous. I feel like maybe I should let him go before things get worse like they did last time we were together. Guys perspectives?


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  • I don't understand the nudes. He can't look in a mirror? I say dump him


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