GUYS: Do you tell your friends about your crush?

I like a guy and thought he liked me too because of him staring at me while eating his lunch and in the hallway and in class and basically anywhere I am. He's constantly looking at me so I developed feelings for him and looked at him too, but only sometimes.

I told about 30 girls know and one guy knows. I'm thinking my crush knows because my friends make it EXTREMELY obvious...

I noticed that when he's with his friends though, I don't notice anything. They're just having a normal conversation.


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  • I tell all my friends about who I wish to stick my penis into.


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  • if i had a crush i'd keep it a secret

  • We do talk about it but usually not in public because... we don't want to look like a bunch of "girls". :)

    • would you think it's weird/creepy if a girl that was into you told a lot of people?

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    • Yes, we are a-holes about it. "Hey dude there goes the love of your life, go get her!!"

    • cool thank ya (:

  • Yeah we usually will talk about it with eachother


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