GAG community, I need your help! What's going on with this guy?

So I've been seeing this guy since July. Things have been going well. He treated me really well and we seemed to be getting along great.

He told me a couple weeks ago he wanted to start seeing me more. I took this as a good sign that things were progressing,

He even suggested we go on a few weekend trips together. We planned out this trip and he seemed excited. He said he was keen on spending the whole weekend with me.

So we planned it out. Well we were supposed to go away this weekend. But he cancelled.

He had a good reason, he said that a friend's dad had passed away. I told him I completely understand and it's not a big deal. We can reschedule for another time,

But then I noticed that he unfriended me on Facebook. I know Facebook is silly, but still. Why if things were going well did he unfriend me?

I'm having a hard time reading this guy.

A month or so ago he kind of drifted away on me. I was able to finally talk to him and his reasoning was that he was busy and stuff had come up. Okay, I can understand that. But he basically blew off our plans that previous time.

This time is a bit different, but I can't help wondering if I'm being lead on.

We hung out last weekend and everything seemed fine. So why all of a sudden is all of this happening?

I'm confused :S


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  • Honestly, I think this guy may already be married, and is using you as his mistress. That would explain his secretiveness, and how his attitude changes so drastically from one time to another. He wants to maintain a relationship with you, but he doesn't want his wife getting suspicious, so he's not spending TOO much time with you.

    The whole situation seems sketchy. I'd suggest cutting it off with this guy. Find someone who's more authentic about who they are as a person. Nobody deserves this two-faced BS


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  • Did you ask him about unfriending you on face book?

    • Not yet, I just honestly noticed it a few minutes ago. I was honestly shocked to see that as he seemed to enjoy my company and has expressed that he likes me and wants me to be his gf some day. So this took me by surprise :S

    • I would say ask him first then you can determine whether it's bullshit by his answer before you make an assumption.

  • from everything that you said, the unfriend Facebook thing is the only thing that raised a flag for me. the only logical reason i can think of for him doing it would be that he just doesn't want you to see what he's up to etc. wich could also indicate that might not be so into you as initially apeared


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  • He has, for whatever reason, lost interest. The Facebook thing makes me wonder if he met another girl, one that he friended recently and who is making a presence on his page. Either way...

    His excuses are lame, he drifted away and had lame excuses... He is lame.

    He would look so much better waaaaay over there, in the street, after you kicked him to the curb.

    • Haha I love your last sentence. It's honestly been hard to deal with this flip floppy behaviour. I can certainly understand if he's busy or if stuff is going on in his personal life. But it's the unfriending on fb and the drifting away that makes me think maybe something more is going on. It's hurtful to think about, especially since I really liked him. But if he can't communicate what is going on, I'm not sure It's really a good situation to be in anyway.

    • I swear we are our own worst enemies. Anytime we need to think this hard about it all, it's just not worth it.