Biggest signs that a guy is a womanizer?

What are the biggest signs that a guy is a womanizer in the early stages of dating? How will he act? What will he say?


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  • The obvious really, staring at women, referring to women as pssy or tits with legs that sort of thing.

    He would spend a lot of time around women. My personal belief is when a man says " I have never HAD a blonde, brunette, redhead before"or the colour of her skin, and that is the sole reason why the man is interested in her. That to me is one of the lowest, cheapest insults her could give her.

    That really angers me

    Usually he would lean in way too much and be in your face, like he's imposing/forcing himself on you already so it's easier for you to be submissive, which is a great tactic in some situations.
    He would say all the right things all the time, and never show any signs of his true character, you can ask questions, challenge him, she how he holds up.

    How that?


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  • Um, id say if he's just too damn smooth watch out haha.

  • that is an extremely broad spectrum question

    • there are also different versions of womanizers.

    • ummm I guess what you could look for is, in the beginning he will be really nice and as you get close to having sex he'll star to get meaner

    • or he could be the kind that is a jerk from the start. he'll be playing the girls like assholes routine

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