Facebook Stalking: Good or bad?

When you like someone, is it ok to look them up on facebook? This is also known as Facebook stalking and its a way to get to know a person you're interested in. Some people say its creepy because you're essentially getting to know them without their consent or knowledge. I dont know though, because you only put public info on your Facebook anyway, so why feel like your privacy has been defiled?

Anyway, do you Facebook stalk, and whats your opinion on it?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think if you put that shit up for the world to see without setting the appropriate privacy settings... then whoever can access that information legally has a right to see it. I really don't like Facebook and have been off of it for years. However, it is a good way to get to know about a person. For example, if I go onto this guy's profile who I'm interested in dating and I see that he has 398420394 selfie pics... then I know to not even bother with him.

    • ^
      YES. this.
      I bestow a thousand yasssssss-es upon you.

    • @EyeSeaYew thanks miss :)

    • hahahhahaahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaa. I should probably take down a few selfies. . .

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What Girls Said 3

  • little creepy, but Facebook has become a blight on privacy anyway. I closed down my account long ago.

  • Anything made viewable on social media is fair game. There's nothing wrong with checking out stuff that the person is openly putting out on the internet.

    Heck yeah I stalk online, but Instagram stalking is more my thing ^_^ I just like looking at a guy's pics haha. I can actually be totally turned off if a guy puts crap on his page like daily selfies. That's just like, no. Just no.

    • Lol, and what if you were in class and looked over a nerd's shoulder and saw him looking at your Facebook profile? This would be my worst nightmare for me to be that nerd xD

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    • But what if he was masturbating to pictures of you with breadsticks up your nose?

    • I'd know that it wasn't me he was getting off to because I've never even had breadsticks up my nose before, let alone taken a picture of such a thing xD

  • I think that if you put your life on Facebook, it goes public, you have the right to look up for it if you can BUT it gets creepy if you look at all the details and check everyday.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well my friend started dating this girl through Facebook stalking. He asked for her number, she told him to fuck off, and then he Facebook stalked her before asking her out. They're now together in a pretty good relationship.

    So i think it depends on the situation. If you're doing it because you got nothing better to do and you're a creep, then no... it's not good.

    If you're doing it because you're pursuing someone you're interested in asking out, then ye, i think it's a valid thing to do.