What should I do, im really worried?

she is my gf since 2 days, and she is polish. she feels alone sometimes, and recently, someone she knows from her hometown moved over to a city not very far away from her. this is the 2nd time she sees him in 2 weeks time. they watched football together at her place, and today they want to go clubbing, she tells me he is just a good friend. she does sent me lovely notes, and when ever we are together, im at her place, making out, being intimate. she recently was still pregnant from me, but she had a misscariage. i dont like it a single bit that she is going to a club, while she should be recovering from her miscariage. and especially with some other guy, i should trust her, and i know if i say anything about it, she probably gets angry. i really dont know what to do... im thinking about sending her a short message, or dropping by, telling her, that i wish her a nice evening and that i trust her as my girlfriend. and that i hope she won't do anything irresponsible, she has a 7 yo daughter, just on her own behalf, that of her child and me. should i trust her, she does tell me she goes clubbing, if she had secrets it would be worse , but i still dont like it one little bit. how should i aproach this? or should i go to that club myself


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  • Don't tell her, "I trust you but I hope you won't do anything irresponsible" because obviously that means you DON'T trust her and you're lying to her. And she would become angry that you think she is irresponsible.

    Maybe going to the club is helping her to recover from her miscarriage. The distraction may be just what she needs.

    You could ask to go to the club with her; I see no harm in that.

    I honestly think that she sees this guy as just a friend and that she isn't doing anything wrong.

    • well, she should also concider how i feel, here im sitting home alone, thinking about my girl, and i can't see her because she has no time for me. maybe today she goes to this club with friends, i dont know what she did yesterday. well i could ask her if she wants me to be there, but its a polish clubbing event, i dont speak polish and she is going there with friends. what i really dont like, one moment she is sending me these lovely notes, than she is just quiet, than she writes back in a boring way, than she is asking me what im doing, where i am, like its ok for her to see this person, but i have to be at home, etc... im gonna tell her, listen we have a relationship and i dont mind you having fun but at least be conciderate and responsible. im not seeing any other girls, and i could if i wanted to, im not a bad looking guy, but i dont, she won't like it either when im doing that

    • I didn't realise that she hasn't been spending much time with you lately; she should be investing time in you.

      She "writes back in a boring way" - at least she writes back, does she always have to have something interesting to say? Be grateful she does send you some lovely notes.

    • well thats not the case, i saw her 3 times this week, but Wednesday I've asked her to be my girlfriend, she said yes, and since than i haven't seen her. we dont have to be together every single day and she told me to take things slowly, but she must understand, i really dont like it when some other guy is at her place. not because i dont trust her but because i dont trust him. i will ask her how it will make her feel if im seeing this other girl once a week, i know she won't like it, she does ask me controll questions, were am i, am i home, etc...

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  • You should have faith in her, but if you cannot settle your restless mind, go to the club yourself. I do not believe she is being reckless.

    • well im concidering to go to that club myself to keep a watchfull eye on her, so you advise me not to say anything, if i knew she would take that good, i would have already done that, but i know she probably gets angry, and tells me not to treat her as a child. but as her bf i see it as my duty to keep a watchfull eye on her

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    • well i dont know if she likes it if i invite myself over, she probably doesn't want me to, she is also pretty secretive, i dont mind everyone knowing that she is my gf, so i just changed my single status on fb , in a relationship, haven't mentioned her name but i want to show her this is serious to me. im thinking about dropping by at her place, after work and just kiss her, and tell her, i see you tomorrow after work. just to make her remember that im her guy. but im worried about more than one reason, she should be going with a group, for safety measures, and what if he drinks and they both get in his car, and have an accident or he does something to her, jesus christ, really concidering to go that club and stay on the background a bit

    • Just be wary of being overbearing.

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