How to deal with someone with trust issues?

Okay I recently stated seeing someone. We were talking and I told him I'm scared to get hurt and stuff. And he told me He is to and that he has some trust issues.
I feel like I need to prove to him that I'm a person he can trust😳😳

I wanna be a good woman to him.


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  • Time and experience within trusting conditions are the only proof you can obtain with someone else.
    Even saying "Here hold my checkbook and 10,000 in cash" doesn't mean that he/she could count on you when crap hits the fan, or when your loyalty is being pressured, or when it comes to defending them to others, or having his/her back during a rough transition.

    People with trust issues have them because they feel a lack of stability in their life. Providing consistent stability is the only way to prove trustworthiness in someone who needs trust repaired. It's twice the work. But putting in that time? When he/she knows that you know its twice the work? Goes all the further in assisting you in that goal.

    You can do it. Never slack off.


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