What could be a reason or reason for a girl willing to keep our relationship secret?

im more the open guy, who wants everyone to know that she is with me, but she wants to keep it more a secret , but she is like that with everything she does. i guess we keep it a secret in the beginning, but i do want it to be official and will tell her that later on. so what could be her reasons

keeping a relationship private sounds fine with me but i do think its better if people know we are together and thats it, the rest remains private


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  • Maybe she doesn't want other potential men to know this.. yet.

    • well , she is still recovering from a miscarriage, she was pregnant from me quit recently. i just find it odd, but at the same time, i do keep my business with girls secret as well, because i dont want any interferance but once im together with a girl the whole world can know.

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    • so 20 minutes later her daughter wanted to play with me, and all was forgotten, but we are only intimate when her child isn't there, no holding hands, kissing and so on... but thats obvious-

    • ahh ok.. yes, things can be tricky around a child. Good for you telling her that it will be done the proper way, so she knows you do care and she HAS to make an effort when she does become pregnant. It isn't your fault, but she should have taken precaution as to how she was treating her body.. no smoking, no coffee. Don't worry, next time it will be better. The little girl doesn't know a lot about grown up stuff, so don't let it upset you.. after all she is only seven.

      Thankyou, good luck to you aswell.

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  • If she is like this with everything you either have to accept that is her personality and be cool with it, or leave now and avoid the conflicts down the road. Some people like to keep their personal life personal.

    • im like that as well , but i do find it ok to let everyone know she is my gf, because she is, but i dont like it when people interfear. recently she was pregnant from me, and she didn't even tell her own aunt and uncle she was, untill she had a miscariage, i thought of it as a bad idea, but well i respected it, but eventually it would come out, since she was debating if she wanted the child

    • Sorry to hear that :( Maybe she just feels like most of her life people were far too involved in her personal life with their opinions and comments so she just blocks out everything now.

    • it happened, i think its harder for her, i wanted the child and told so from the moment we knew she was pregnant. she was debating it a lot, and eventually cried when it went wrong. i cried to but well, i told her, i do want a child with her and we will give it another try.

  • maybe she wants you for you and not to show around?

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