How to reciprocate if someones hitting on you?

my boss has been hitting on me for a while now. maybe for 4-5 days. its a new job. at first all the males in the office were and still are turned on by me, but now my boss is taking it to a new level. He keeps staring at me intensely.. and days ago tried to make me jealous about another woman. ever since then it's gotten weird. I had strong sexual fantasies about him two nights ago. In fact, I go so far as to feel he has done a lust/love spell on me b/c of the level of intense feelings i had for him and thoughts. literally, within hours i felt like I was in love with him and was masturbating terribly thinking about him. Prior to that he had hit on me just a few times. yesterday, he kept staring at me intensely, like worse than before and others noticed that he was hitting on me badly. He was acting really weird and going crazy trying to help me and ignore others... then strangely his wife came, and he said to her "jenn we've been to counseling right." kind of acting as if he was in an unhappy marriage. He also said to me "i like u a lot" while she was in the other room and i was questioning him about why he lost my customer. I felt this strong sexual feeling for him and took off.. b/c i didn't want to deal with it. now there is some kind of connection between us and it seems he notices how im feeling or what not.. and he didn't aggressively hit on me today he kind of backed off.. but he did touch my shoulder twice in a certain way.. he still keeps staring at me in a certain way and im not sure how to reciprocate. I want him really bad and its getting worse now. in two days now i feel like im in love with him tho im not. he was talking about how busy he was and said about his wife, 'yeah i said 'i'll take her to the park sunday" and bring the dog.. the way he said it as if she was a kid or something.. it seemed condescending. i guess what kind of signals is he trying to throw out to me and how do i reciprocate? since he's married im scared to tho he's made it obvious

why would he say "i like u a lot" when his wife is right in the other room.. why would he hit on me when his wife's there and he knows i feel horny and there is this sexual tension between us like never before. why doesn't he blatantly do anything just sit there and focus and stare at me. why did he ignore me today but gawk and hover over me yesterday.. why is it that when i ask for something he runs and does it right away like he caters to me.. i dont want to make the first move..
everytime he talks about his wife or bachelor party, he looks at me as if im going to or shud be upset.. it's weird. his wife kind of looks like me but im much prettier. i want him so bad i can't even look at him it's hard.. I've never felt this way about anyone before. is he trying to show me he's not happy with her or using that to make me think he likes me.. i don't get it. why is he hitting on me in front of co-workers..


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    The reasons for him hitting on you are irrelevant. Do not ever get involved with him. You are asking for nothing but trouble.

    Lets say you and him got together.
    Somewhere down the road, something at work will happen to benefit you. A raise or promotion could be anything.
    This will cause you grief with your co-workers. Because no matter how hard you work and are deserving. They will always think and likely say to you. You only got that ___________, because you're sleeping with the boss.

    If you start seeing your boss and the relationship ends. There is a good chance he will do things to upset your work life. ie Giving you more work that is impossible to complete. Giving unreasonable deadlines. Highly critical of all you do.

    He's married. Don't partake in his cheating. He's low life scum.

    A boss should NEVER make passes at a subordinate. It's an abuse of power and he's putting you in a difficult position. He's also an asshole.


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