What to say to a girl you haven't talked to in a while?

This goes in line with my other question. Short version: there's this girl I used to like a lot in high school. We had great chemistry but it never went anywhere because neither of us really had the time and we never really saw each other outside of the school plays (she was a year younger than me). Cut to today, five years later, and I find myself thinking a lot about her and all the good times we had during the school plays. I don't think a romantic relationship is possible at this point since she moved out of state for a job, but I really want to at least reconnect with her, and I'm not sure the best way to do so. I dont have her number anymore (my phone from high school was destroyed and i lost all my contacts) but i am friends with her on Facebook. What should I say in the message? I'd really kick myself if I allowed her to be the one that got away. I'm not a relationship kind of guy, not at all honestly. But for her, I'd do anything to even have a shot. I don't know. I guess i don't want to mess this up in case it might go somewhere. Any advice?


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  • I think you should send her a message on Facebook. Just keep it cool and casual at first and see where it may lead. Tell her that you have recently just been thinking about high school and you thought of her so you just wanted to contact her and see how she is doing, etc. Then wait for her reply and go from there. Don't be nervous, just go for it :)


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