Who is a better man for a woman?

The guy who is inexperienced with one life long partner? or the man who is experienced because he has dated and left several women?

Tricky isn't it...


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  • Inexperienced. I'd take clean over used up dick any day lol. No offence to dudes who sleep around, but I just like my dick to be something everybody else hasn't had already.
    Plus, if he's been in a long term relationship, I'm pretty sure he picked up a few things about women along the way, so he's not totally inexperienced.

    • Lol clean dick for you then:) but let's say this guy breaks up for whatever reason. Do you think he will have a hard time attracting women (hasn't dated in 10years for example)

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    • Yeah but if quantity is taken, more women prefer him to a guy like me. I think that's the thing that bugs me... But like you said I suppose, slutty women are slutty because it works, same with him, whatever he does works... but at a superficial level.

    • Yea, like he's unlikely to get anything meaningful, and you're more likely to.
      Some of my friends like him, guys as well as girls, have told me they're lonely sometimes. Like never having a long enough relationship to get really comfortable with somebody how some other friends in long term ones do.
      There's pros and cons of both types of guys really, just stop focusing on the cons.

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  • Hmmm they both have their good and bad points. Probably the inexperienced guy because u are getting him fresh - less baggage?

    • True but... the inexperienced guy would need to meet a girl open to teach? Maybe the guy doesn't have baggage, but may be one dimensional in bed for example. A girl may leave him.

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    • Sex is big for many guys because of testosterone, it's a shit hormone:) but you are right... I think it's out of proportion too.

    • It's important to women too, it's important to me.

  • Different clothes suit different people

  • For what woman?

    • In general... I am of opinion that the "inexperienced guy" must of had something to keep a girl for long, but I think he will battle at attracting another girl that he likes.

  • inexperienced
    we can simply experiment and try new things and explore together

    • That's cool. I actually am very impressed at how you ladies approach this.

    • yea? why are you impressed? lol

    • Well... it's all good in terms of how the general comments here point to you ladies acknowledging that it may take some added work in the relationship but you will give me inexperienced a go.

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  • The question is always why the second person has "left" several women. It's an indicator of instability, isn't it?

    • That's the curve ball;) I am tackling this question due to social proof. If you have dated several women, you look good? but is it? Where is the other guy maybe was just a genius for making the long term thing work?

    • People don't really break up without a reason... I think someone who found a partner who they're properly compatible with and are maintaining a relationship isn't "inexperienced" at all.