We date, she likes me.. But she's scared to kiss me or be with me?

We met on Facebook.. and trough the chat I felt that she maybe like me so I asked her out.. so she accepted and we date the next day.. we had great date we went out walking talking about each others etc.. but we end without kiss on the first date.. on my way home she started chating me like how i like dating her.. and I act like some dirty player.. like it was ok.. and she asked me what I do next day and will she see me again, and I said it's ok I'll see you tomorrow, and she act crazy happy.. than we continued chating on Facebook our conversations didn't have end.. (She didn't even gave me her number on our first date) Next day.. I took her in our local park the best place for dating.. belive it or not.. we've been almost alone there.. I was meeting her after practice becouse I'm basketball player, and I had my ball with me so she challenged me to play ball, so I accepted but ofcourse I let her win we were laughing and playing like in the movies it was awesome.. sho loves basketball I love basketball.. that's awesome I never imagined that.. we lay on the grass watching the stars.. she said that her hands are cold so I took her hand and put it in my pocket, we were walking trough the city, miles and miles.. awesome.. so it came time to say goodnight and I tried to kiss her. and she moved away, and I was like come on.. and she said no way.. but on sweet way.. she even didn't said why not.. I was messed up going home alone.. i tought it's over.. and she texted me again on my Facebook saying she had the most beautifull date.. That she is insane happy what she went trough with me that night.. that she want to see me again and I was kinda mad saying just OK. So she was like scared saying.. anything wrong and started to saying like come on don't be mad we have so much time for eveything i don't want you to be mad.. what should I do? How to make her to not be scared of kissing me or being with me? thank you by the way for reading my story.


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  • You can't really force her to kiss you.

    If she's ready, then she will do it. If you feel she's playing with you or you're impatient then dump her.


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  • If you have patience, just be a gentleman. She might be a virgin, or been abused. Or put her on emergency friend only status and find someone else.

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