My experiment with Tinder and how easy it is for ridiculously good looking guys to hook up on there?

I tried Tinder a while back and I was actually pretty impressed by the whole idea. It's really simple and you end up matching with members of the opposite sex who are usually about the same in attractiveness or less than yourself. I'm not a bad looking guy myself, I'd probably rate myself a solid 8 on most days so I did get quite a few matches but most of them didn't lead to anything. About half the girls I matched with wouldn't respond back and the other half just wanted endless conversation. During the week I used Tinder I probably matched with 50 women but I only actually met up with 2 of them.

A few days ago I wanted to see something so I created a fake Tinder account using pictures of a model that I found on Instagram. This guy is so ridiculously good looking like its not even funny. Here is what my fake Tinder profile looked like:

About: UC Berkley Alumni. Portfolio Management/Risk Analysis. Workaholic. In LA for work until Saturday. Usually free after 8 pm.


I started swiping and within an hour I had over 20 matches. And I only swiped for girls that seemed like 8+ otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten way more matches. About half of the girls that matched me actually messaged me first within the first hour of matching them.

Most of these girls messaged me first a few minutes after we matched and they almost always commented on how ridiculously good looking I was. Girls were literally giving me their number without me even asking and most of them wanted to meet up on that same day. This one girl noticed that we were 1 mile away and opened with a winky face and commented on how close we are.

So bottom line Tinder for guys definitely does work for hooking up but its a lot easier if you are super gorgeous :)


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  • Er, ridiculously attractive guys get more pussy. It's kind of a well-known thing.

    Is that all your experiment was trying to figure out?

    • Notice also that you made him a well educated workaholic, and then made all of his pictures showing him doing fun, non-workaholic things, and no selfies, which means he wasn't doing them by himself.

      That sort of shit is also attractive to women, on levels that they don't even really pay attention to.

    • Yeah I'm sure the bio helped but not that much because a lot of people don't even read bios on Tinder.

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  • Yes. Tinder is sad. Its only meant for people looking for hookups. So everything is based on looks. I learnt the hard way. Ended up meeting a hot guy who friendzoned me.

  • I did an experiment to. I put a ridiculously hot girls pics up, and she got way more messages.
    Who'd have thought it!

    • Yeah no shit Sherlock, but this is different because most girls aren't usually as thirsty as they were

    • Tinder is for thirsty people, so works out.

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  • yeah d00d that's what its mainly used for. then its casual outings lol.

  • the thing its not only tinder. this applies to literally all dating sites out there