Guys: What do you love most about your girlfriend? :)?

Just wondering because I'm a hopeless romantic & would love to read your answers :) It can be as simple or complex as you want ;)


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  • Lol I don't have a gf right now but I love it when I catch them being graceful and elegant at something. It really beautiful and very easily over looked

    • That's sweet :) Some girls are really clumsy though, lol :) Thanks for answering my question

    • Yeah but a girl can be clumsy while be so beautiful.

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  • That she offers her other female friends to me for sex while we have them over for dinner. And that she understands I earn the money, she manages it and raises the kids.

    Well that is the dream anyways. I want intercourse every day until we have 5 kids. I was with a Masters Degree Nurse who did all the cooking and cleaning while I was the one who worked, but she could not have kids and I need a family so that what little i know has some smart sprouts to improve on it.

  • I have a girlfriend and she is the one that has captured my heart with her smile. She acts all cute like a puppy and she's fun to be with. She knows how to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. I love everything about her. <3 ^_^

    • Aww, that's so sweet! :) I wish you both the absolute best :)

    • Thanks and I hope you will find someone who's right for you soon. :)

    • Thanks a bunch :) Dating is eventually gonna lead me to the right guy, lol :)

  • Cuddling her and falling asleep intertwined as one.

    • Aww, that sounds pretty romantic :) I wish you the best with your girlfriend :)

  • Her tenderness.

    • That sweet :) I hope you have a great future together! :)

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    • Oh, well then I hope you find someone new :) It's still sweet that you have a good opinion of her :)

    • Thank you. Maybe after I have a career, good car and a place I'll consider being in a relationship again.

  • The way she fakes everything to manipulate me! :P

    • Yeah, girls are pretty good at that, LOL :) Thanks for answering my question

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