If you could choose the venue for a first date this weekend... what would it be?

If you're not single just imagine you were... and you have a date with the guy/girl of your dreams but need to find a nice location.

I would prefer to visit an interesting place, from a city, over the zoo, to an impressive piece of nature.
I think this would keep me more relaxed than being face to face in a restaurant. Although I would enjoy that too!

  • A bar or restaurant
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  • A city, zoo, theme park or another interesting venue
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  • One of our homes
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  • Other (feel free to explain)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably a restaurant and then something else that isn't the movies (bad first date)

    Maybe an arcade or something?

    • Good idea! Not that I have my first date this week end but the day it comes I want to be full of ideas :-)

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    • Thanks for all the good advice @CommieDearest, I'm learning a lot tonight (8:20 PM in Belgium)!

    • Your arcade idea definetely earns you the most helpful, thanks Commie :-)

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What Girls Said 4

  • Anything where we can do more than just talk and drink/eat, probably ice skating rink

    • Well, I'm not really a trained ice skater but nevertheless I've done it in my youth and it was a nice thing to do indeed. With a nice glass afterwards :-)

    • haha me neither. I don't really know how to brake xD but it's still fun

    • Me neither... skate at slow speed and with improvised movements and use the boarding to brake :-)
      That was how I did it. With at least a fall every 30 min hahaha :-)

  • My dream date is the vans warped tour if you know what that is.

    • Haha I didn't but google told me! Something music festival like?
      Not really my thing... a bit too loud music :-)

    • Yeah, it's almost tailor made to my music taste and I've been dreaming of going for years...
      and yeah its an acquired taste I suppose

    • No worry, I have that feeling if it's about planes. London Heathrow is more interesting to me than the city of London. There are weird people on this planet no?

  • It would be fun to go to the zoo :D

    • Yeah, if the girl would like it I'd like to do that. Every animal is different and when looking at the monkey reserve I would of course joke about my hairy brother :-)

  • I said b I think first dates should be fun ice breakers no pressure something like fair theme park or maybe putt putt golf and starbucks it should be a place that u both have interests in and can talk and know each other better :)

    • I fully agree! If some things are "moving" like playing golf, going to the zoo, going to a theme park... it's easier to get a good chat with the person. As you say; breaking the ice becomes easier.

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    • Haha me too... I'm single & looking out so hopefully soon but... not today :-)

    • Aww thanks lol :)

What Guys Said 3

  • The Roof Top Lounge right next to the beach. it is exactly how it sounds. its awesome.

    • Oh yes, beaches always work! I'm living about 70 miles from the coast and since the roads are not straight it's 80 miles to drive... so for a first date a bit too long in the car.
      But that venue seems awesome Bert! I'm on my way!

  • I would go to a wine bar.

    • Haha, if I do that I'm dead! I don't drink alcohol. One glass of wine = dizzy. Second glass = drunk.
      Third glass = ambulance.

  • Restaurant, Movie theater or my house because I can cook a lot of good shit and am learning new cuisines.

    Bars are not a good idea.

    • I agree! And nice that you can could some attractive things for your girl!