One of my friends asked me for advice about her loving 2 guys?

one of my friends asked me for advice about her loving 2 guys, one of them is my best friend, which she happens to have been in love with him since 4th grade and is his girl friend already, and the other she said makes her feel alive and wants to fall down, can some one help me find the right advice for her?


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  • well this stuff happens sometimes and she obviously felt she could trust you enough with this

    so here's what you tell her if she's been with the other guy for so long and she feels that its no longer satisfying her that she's getting bored then she has to break it up with the her boyfriend and she can see what happens with the 2nd guy

    but if she's prefectly happy with her boyfriend and feels there is no future with the other guy it would jst b a fling of some sort then she shldnt risk it with the other guy she would regret breaking up with her boyrfriend and she won't be happy about it


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  • and they say guys are the assholes uhh ANYWAYS she got to decided would you like a guy doing that sh*t to you no so f*** that tell her to either break it off or forget about the other guy she can't play games with that kids heart like that is like living a lie

  • Wow, that's a tough situation to be in. I wouldn't want to have to make her mind up.