I'm normally not possessive, but now I act like it because I think he secretly likes it/turns him on? :/ Anyone else?

Despite his "tough guy in control" image he likes to maintain, with me he's the VERY nice, superhero type. He's wonderful. He's never said a negative thing to me in my life.
That being said, I noticed that he really likes it when I make possessive statements.
I'm normally not possessive but sometimes I act like it (jokingly) because I think he secretly likes it? :/
Do men like this? Does it turn you on? lol
-PS, we're not together, just dating/flirting for YEARS..


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  • Be careful with that one you may think he likes it but most men think ohh she is a crazy bitch just keep her at arms length... true story i have a lot of friends who say this girl is amazing then weeks later they say she told me dont worry you dont got me dont need any other women or things along those lines just jokes but they then said gonna keep my distance before the crazy bitch tries to move in or locks me in a cellar haha.

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