I am so confused about this guy that I's seeing. What should I do?

I am 18 and I meet this guy from school about 2 weeks ago. He is interested in me. About a week ago, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no, I rather would be friends. I told him I am seeing other guys also and he kinda got mad but got over it quickly. The reason why I am seeing other guys also is because I am trying to figure out which guy I like the best. Then I hung out with him at school the 2nd time today and I'm kinda having 2nd thoughts about him. He isn't really that good looking but I love his personality. He is a really sweet guy. Should I continue being friends with him? I want to be in a relationship but i'm worried if I date him, I may see other guys also because I am attracted to other guys. What would you do if you were me? I am so confused.


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  • You don't have anything to lose by being friends with the guy :)


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