Online dating: How long should I text with a girl until asking her out and where should I go with her?

Hello girls!

I have 2 little questions which I am sure you can help me with!

I am quite busy with work and working out, so I don't really have time to go out that often. However, I would like to meet some girls in order to get a girlfriend (I have been single quite a while now). That's why I started trying out online dating. Well its more a dating app, but I still get to text with a few girls. In 2 points I am not so sure how I should act and what i should do, so I would like to ask you!

The first question, how long I should text with a girl until asking her out? What do you prefer? Texting with a guy a week or 2 to get to know him or meeting him quite fast, lets say after 2-3 days of texting?

My second question is, what do you like to do on a first date? Normally I would ask a girl out for dinner in a nice restaurant (for sure I would pay). However, I often read online, that thats too much for a first date for someone you meet on a dating app and i should only go for a drink/coffee. What do you like to do with a guy on a first date?

I appreciate any answers!

Thanks a lot!


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  • Meet as soon as possible. There is no sense forming a relationship for a long time with someone you might not even like in person. At least meet for coffee, so you know the person is real before investing a lot of time into the relationship.

  • You should go for a drink the first time. I did the same thing. As for the first question, I don't know man. I tried online dating many times and it was just a waste of time. I gave it up completely.

    • Thanks for your advice as well. I understand when you say it was just a waste of time. I was only online dating for a few weeks now, but to be honest, I am actually already a bit sick of it. There is just this one girl which has in my opinion the perfect body and until now she's was replying to my messages... I think if its not working out with her I will delete this app.