Is he interested in dating me or does he only want to be friends?

I met this guy the other day, who is the brother of a friend of mine. We chatted together for about half an hour, then he asked if I would like to hang out with him sometimes on the weekends, like go to the movies and such. I hesitated and then he said, "only if you're comfortable with that - I mean, we could go with a few of your friends too."
So I said, "oh yeah, that could be nice."
Then he said, "Cool - can I get your number then?"
So we swapped mobile numbers. 2 days later, he texted me asking if I was free the next weekend (8 days in advance) to hang out with him. I said how I would be busy with seeing other friends and going to church. He then asked what church I go to and I told him that I go to a Pentecostal church, and he said that he goes to a Mormon church, and asked if he could come to my church with me. Like... Pentecostal and Mormon churches are SO different...
So anyway, I've only just recently started wearing make-up and feminine clothes, so I'm not used to guys showing interest in me... So I'm not even sure how to tell when a guy is showing interest or when he just wants to be friends.
I've had a couple other guys ask me out since I started wearing make-up, but it was more clear to me in those situations that those guys were interested.

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Any more opinions?

Is it wrong for me to hang out with this guy if I'm only interested in friendship? He hasn't actually asked to date me so I don't really feel like I can say, "hey I just want to be friends."


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  • he is probably interested in you since he initiated contact with you. however, at this point in time, things could fall through the floor or work out. if you only want friendship, don't flirt with him or act like your too interested in him.

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