Ex texts me out of no where?

So I dated this girl for like a month or two and things ended on good terms. We really liked eachother but something was just missing. We just couldn't connect or talk much. Anyway, after 6 months of not hearing from her at all, (we occasionally talked in school), she sends me a text about this game that she liked and she thought I should try. I know this sounds really stupid, but I feel like she is trying to get closer again. Does this mean anything at all?


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  • As a woman, I know she is trying to gain your attention again, whether it's because she is lonely or genuinely likes you is still unknown. Also, two months is hardly anytime to truly get to know each other, in fact shyness is still a factor. It takes awhile for women to feel comfortable or be who they really are.

  • Yea I think she misses you. If you want to be back with her just keep talking to her causually and take it slow. If not I would just not respond every time she texts you.


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