What is average attractiveness?

I've noticed a lot of people ask and give opinions about "the average looking person". I'm curious what everyone considers average. give as much detail as you can. thanks!

by detail, I mean traits on a man or women.
so, I guess when someone say average looking, they're full of shit. seeing as no one seems to have an answer.


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  • "Average" isn't really a meaningful or accurate statement to be made of any woman.

    Honestly, I find that well over half of the women I see who are within a reasonable age distance from me seem attractive to me. That being said, being average looking in an era where more than half of the women we interact with is nothing to be ashamed of, but even so, it still doesn't seem to do justice to a woman's beauty to describe her as "average" in any case.

    I don't like comparing women against each other, so to try and tally them up and figure out what the mean/median/mode average is and then develop percentiles from there just seems kind of weird. Generally, I like to believe that while no woman is the most attractive to everybody, every woman can be the most attractive to somebody, if that somebody takes a special liking to her and his physical preferences adapt to match his thoughts/feelings of her.

    So, why does a woman even care whether an average group of men who don't know her will rate her just based on her looks? When everyone insists on being universally proven as "better than average", more than half of people will lose, and the rest of them still won't be satisfied until they're in the 100th percentile. I think a far more attainable and appropriate goal is to be the most beautiful to "one" man who you care about, rather than to the the average stranger. For monogamous men and women, that should be more than enough anyhow.

    • And yes, I agree that people who say anyone is average looking are full of something dark and stinky.

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    • me not dark and stinky...

    • Hahahah. Definitely not you @Kangy. =)

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  • Not sure if there's any agreed upon answer for this so I'll just ramble...

    I think its kinda subjective since one persons "average" might be someone else's "above or below average".

    But id say that average means they are neither exceptionally good looking nor are they exceptionaly bad looking. You wouldn't nessesarily look twice at them, or remember them.

    For example You might see someone with really nicely shaped piercing eyes that look into your soul or someone with a nose that takes up 75% of their face. In both of those cases, you'd notice, you'd take a second look. They are extremes or deviations from the norm.

    "Average looking" people don't really stand out from the crowd. They don't have any unique features that add give that "wow factor"nor do they have features that would make you trow up your lunch. Their appeareces are more forgettable.


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  • it means they are not so outstanding in terms of facial looks but it doesn't mean they are ugly
    many people feel that average=ugly, i dont feel so
    that is my opinion
    the rest may have something different from mine

    • I know that. I always saw it in levels, like "ugly" , average (being the middle) and beautiful.

      I'm just wondering beyond that is it a weight thing, boob size, height, muscle mass, shape of eyes/ears/nose. etc but it's whatever, I don't really care that much. just curious.

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    • it depends on what people go after some emphasize heavily on body to looks and some vice versa , for those who are concerned with body they would factor in weight, boob etc.
      for myself i see face so the above applies. just not outstanding.
      some people i dun understand why they see average as ugly

    • thank u :))

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