Relationship advice help?

I messaged this girl on Facebook I like. She read it but didn't reply. We use to go to church together but never really talked. I don't have her number or see her regularly. Do I just ask her to go eat or see Christmas lights sometime? I'm not even sure if she wants to date or not. Any help please


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  • Hey, sounds to me like you are making the right steps towards pursuing this gal. Best of luck in that regard. As far as whether to keep at it? That depends on a couple things. First thing to ask is how long has it been since you sent the original message and do you only know her via Facebook now? (You said you used to go to church, was that the only place you two were around each other?)

    I would give it 3-5 days max in the event she has a busy schedule then just directly offer to go on a date. You can always add the "excuse me for being forward/if you have a relationship already/etc" part to your ask out message so she doesn't feel awkward for turning it down on those grounds. After that? Just let her know if she's interested to get back to you - until you hear from her just keep on keeping on with your own life moves/changes and hope for the best.

    I hope it works out for you!

    • Yes., church was it. I probably sent it a month ago. Facebook is about it.

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