Would you date a marijuana / cannabis dealer?

Hi girls,

I am a marijuana / cannabis dealer and I CANNOT stand the fact that people judge me for no reason...

YES, it is illegal where I live but NO, I does not harm people because it is just WEED, it's damn natural and comes from the ground! -.-

Anyways, I'm a sweet guy that takes care of himself, is well educated (college), have a full time dayjob that is very well paid, I go to the gym to stay in shape, I travel (a lot), have a car (off course) and my own house.

I'm romantic, I take care of my loved ones and I RARELY speak about my "business" venture. Friends and family knows I do it, but they don't talk about it, as I don't mention it in any conversation. To them it's not a big deal because they know who I am, they know me, my personality.

The only thing that could be bad into a relationship would be the fact that every day I have to make sales to my clients until 10:30pm. But the rest of the time I could be with her, sleep with her every night, eat dinner every day after work, watch TV until I get called for a "run", etc.

A "run" takes max 15 minutes of my time, it's not something big really...

Oh and anyways, even if people judge dealers, i'd like to add that I do not drink nor smoke AT ALL. I threat the "green" solely as a business venture.

Anyways, tell me what you think... =)

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  • Yeah I would date a female Mary Jane seller. I don't smoke though. So long she keep that smell outside the my car it's all good.

    • I sell with smell-proof bags, it's a shame I'm not a female hahah you would date me soooooo bad ;) LOOOOOOL..

      Thanks for your open mind brotheer

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    • Thanks for MH bro.

    • you're welcome bud ;)

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What Girls Said 11

  • It's makes you seem sketchy. You don't want someone sketchy because no offense, they are the ones with body bags.

  • Absolutely not. No illegal activity for me, thanks.

  • No, I would not. There are better and legal business ventures out there. Not sure why you need the extra cash when you appear to be doing well for yourself.

    • There AREN'T better legal businesses lol. The demand for marijuana is over the roof. It is one of the most profitable businesses in 2014. Even in Forbes they talk about it hahah.

      Why I need it is not a question, why wouldn't I need it makes more sense to me...

    • I can't respect that. Some girls would date you though, so no worries.

  • Nope
    1. Just cause it's natural doesn't mean shit, who knows what else could have been sprayed onto it.

    2. It's illegal activity... Am not wasting my time with someone who is engaging in anything illegal

    • 1. I grow it myself. So no spray, totally organic and cures anxiety, depression & headaches (the strain I grow).

      2. Why not, do you have any reason to backup your statement?

    • Okay well just because its "natural" or whatever doesn't mean I agree with it, there are better legal options for people to use than drugs.

      And because I don't want to have to sneak around all the time, to date someone who could potentially end up in jail. Just no thanks any sort of drug involvement is just an instant no on my behalf

  • No. Just no. Even if he was really nice, I don't think I could look past the fact that he's a dealer of such sorts.

    • Why? Are dealers "bad" people by definition? Are they bad because society says they're bad or because your parents said so?

    • I just couldn't live with someone who has those things at hand, whether with him or not. No, they are not bad by definition, it's just a bad crowd to get caught up in. And just because I'm under 18, it didn't mean my freakin parents control me. I don't let them.
      So, about the question. If I knew a person was a dealer of anything of the sort, I most likely would not instigate a relationship or even a conversation with them.

  • Nope, My step dad, use to sell and smoke weed
    all day and I hated it, so I would never date a drug dealer

    Like Harakiri said there are better and legal businesses
    out there

  • Having been a dealer myself at points in my life it would be very hypocritical of me to say I wouldn't date one.

    • You used to sell weed? Do you still smoke?

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    • What a conversation you guys have right here? hahahah

    • Sorry asker! @Red_Dragon yeah that was my RC question :)

  • Free weed, man.

    • Wouldn't be free! But i'd accept selling it to you at "cost" pricing ;)

    • Oh damn (no but I would date him depending on his personality and stuff. I wouldn't care about the dealer part as long as he doesn't make me go to jail)

    • When you have no criminal record, have education, have a stable dayjob, and live a normal lifestyle, EVEN if you get caught, you'll end up with almost nothing or just community work...

      I am backed up by a lawyer just in case I get caught and he told me I had nothing to worry about. After the first time I get caught I will stop though. It is not worth it going to jail for marijuana!

  • Never ever, they bring harm to people i prefer someone with clean background

  • No. Been there done that, it isn't for me. The phone calls and stuff piss me off. I couldn't do it again, especially if he was successful in what he does. Also, it was always something I said I'd never do and I'd just do other stuff, but being with somebody who does, it's so much easier to do what you always said you wouldn't.
    Plus, I think guys should just get to an age where they leave certain things behind and can even use their money to put into something legit. A means to an end isn't bad, but just that for no reason is silly.
    So I wouldn't date a drug dealer at all.

    • I am doing that to fund my real estate investing business. I plan to stop when my bank capital hits 3,000,000$, which should be in around 4-5 years...

      I agree on the phone calls and the rush to "run" to the customer, you definitely been there! But do you think SOME girls would be OK with that?

    • Some definitely would, some would even enjoy it. Although, the ones who enjoy it too much may find you boring once you stop.
      Also, I know a ton of girls who just don't trust their guy who does that, they always think some girl is giving him head for a free 10z or something lol.

    • That's messed up! O. o

      Yeahhhh well some girls are really attracted by action, but there's no action in this "business". Well, not for me since i'm very careful who I sell to XD. But yeah thanks for your reply :p

  • anthrax is natural and comes from the ground... so does arsenic and methane gas.

    • stupid comparison but ehh, thanks for your reply?

    • Its true. To answer your question, I'd say no because its illegal and I am against drugs politically.

What Guys Said 2

  • so many of my old friends were dealers. if I were a girl, fuck no.

  • I had a roommate in college who was a dealer on the side as they say or he was just a plain dealer I guess. really it was all a pain to live near him and put up with what was going on , I don't think I'd want to date someone involved in this sort of thing to be honest I'd rather stay away from this. I also had another roommate in college who had a friend who was selling drugs like you who was murdered in his own home during a home invasion in front of his girlfriend by a group of thugs trying to steal his money , they got caught and went to jail but he's dead

    • You are clearly over-exagerating. I've been in the business for 6 years now. Some of my "connections" have been for 10+ years and if you are careful, nothing will ever happen to you.

      Your friend was probably a dumbass and talking to everyone about it... It's not something you brah about, it's something that pays all your bills and put aside for an even better future.

    • the people that killed him weren't even from the same city , somehow they found out about what he was up to and decided to target him. I agree it doesn't happen to every person doing this as there is many people selling on the side. but there are cases where things end very badly for some. he was targeted cause he was selling drugs and they knew he had money in his home , they wouldn't of went there if not. his gf had to watch him get killed rate in front of her it was a brutal crime.

    • also you can read about this murder if you want , just search for " Michael swain " Ottawa murder and all the stories come up , I'm not making the whole thing up it really happened a couple years ago

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