How can I get my confidence back with girls to find a good girl that I can trust?

I've had bad experiences my gf in HS cheated on me with my friend, I dated a girl my freshmen year of college and she wasn't as serious as me and I couldn't trust her cause she kissed her guy friends on the cheek, and now I just want to date another girl but don't have any energy to try. I'm a sophomore in college now and im energetic and social so a lot of girls still flirt but I'm too drained and I feel so empty. I would kill for the chance to talk to a good girl and just open up to her and know she's there for me and only me.



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  • I understand what it's like to have difficulty trusting other people after having had bad experiences. But if a girl seems like she's trustworthy, and the only thing keeping you from her is your own insecurity, you need to try and just work through it. Love is always a risk, no matter what. It's a leap of faith to trust someone with your heart, and sometimes you will get burned. But that does NOT mean that you should limit yourself afterwards because of it. That being said, you should be careful about who you trust. If you're talking to a girl who's really flirty with everyone, don't trust her. If you're talking to a girl who seems to have her head on straight, take a chance on her. Taking risks can pay off.

    • Well for me its really tough cause I'm not your typical college aged guy I'm a virgin and saving myself until I know the girl is the right girl so I need complete and total trust in a girl before I will ever consider having sex with her. So hookups aren't an option to relieve the loneliness and I'm stuck just waiting.

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  • All girls are not cheater, you will find a good girl.

    • That's true but right now I'm so empty that I can have the perfect girl walk my way and I'll still hesitate. Right now the only way I'll try to date is if the girl walks up to me and asks me to hang out and I trust her magically.

  • Take a vacation.

    • Lol not an option I've got college.

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    • That isn't working lol. I've been doing that and i still lay awake all night and just feel emptiness.

    • Then do the opposite and get busy.

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