How can I be more interesting?

So, through the help of some GAGers, I've established that I'm average/above average looking, so that's not my problem when it comes to girls... It must be my personality.
How can I be more interesting to girls?


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  • Have things to talk about they can relate to.
    Be intelligent without being overly analytical to the point you become weird to be around.
    Don't be cocky/stuck up/full of yourself.
    Learn to be a gentlemen just enough for interest but not enough that you're in everyone's friend-zone.
    Have confidence without arrogance.
    Learn how to dress like a man (Not saying you don't but a lot of girls like a man who is coordinated and sharp -- no sweatsuits or dirty shoes lol)
    Make yourself available enough, but have an active lifestyle that keeps you occupied. (No couch potato)
    Up the age range of the types of girls you talk to and hang around.
    Have multiple girls as friends to talk to, you want to have friends of both sexes -- girls use other girls to gauge us many times, if you have cute girl "friends" relationship style women are more interested.
    Don't say awkward or perverted things/don't put people down/etc. Speak like an adult and not a 8 year old.
    Have goals and ambitions and press into them with focus.
    Don't live at mom's.

    That should get you started!


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  • I've read your other question, so I know you're into arts but can't play an instrument or compose music. I really think those two are important though. Almost everyone can sing, so that doesn't really set you apart from other people, but not everyone is creative and in touch with their feelings enough to make their own music, which I think puts you to a whole other pedestal. I suggest you try to learn an instrument and get into composing. It won't be pretending or changing who you are and would be very beneficial for your self-improvement. Being interesting will just be a side effect of it, and a really good one at that.

    • beeing someone that does music and is learning an instrument actually for the love of it, i have to say that there is nothing lamer then somebody learning an instrument just to impress girls! LOL!!! dude, (@danoda) if you want to be more intersting just to interesting stuff, hang out with interesting people and you'll eventually pick up on it! watch the news so you have stuff to talk about. whatever, but nothing lamer than a 'fake musician'! like the world needs another one of those. not to mention, the time it takes to seriously learn an instrument is so much, you wouldn't have time to go to a lot of dates. assuming you have a job or go to school

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    • It's ok. :)

  • Don't change your personality in order to be "more interesting" to other people. I know you've probably heard that before, but that's because it's true. Think about it: if you pretend you're someone you're not and a girl falls for this fake person, you're lying to her and to yourself and that is not fair to either of you. And how could you possibly expect to be happy with someone you can never be yourself around? You just have to be patient... a girl WILL come along who will find you interesting and attractive exactly the way you are. Don't sell yourself short! Hang in there :)

  • Just be a nice person and look for a good person. You will do fine.


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