He said I give him blue balls?

We've been dating for 3 months and we didn't have sex coz I always stopped him when he tried to take my clothes off. We were behaving like a couple on dates.

So last night he randomly got upset and said I give him blue balls and he needs to see other women. He said he needs to release his sexual energy. And then he said he sees me as a friend and we shouldn't get physical. So I said cool let's be friends. (I was hurt but I didn't wanna sleep with him as I couldn't trust him)

So its weird because we're now going to meet as friends and I'm also going to date other people. So was he selfish? Or is it my fault? Everything was so abrupt.


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  • Blue balls is legitimate, although breaking it off was premature, but if you're not ready, then your not ready. I'd suggest setting a rule on how long you wait to have sex, so you can 1: communicate this to him, 2: not seem like your leading him on.


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  • Blue balls is a way of him saying, he thinks you are dumber than snot.

    He only wants to have sex with you and most girls want more. See what he is saying. He does not want to see other women he wants to use other women. He is using mind games. When you tell a woman not to do something she will do the opposite. He does not want to be your friend he does not want you to tell other women that he is an ass.

    What you will see is that within 3 years him and his blue balls will get some dumb girl pregnant and he will move on to another while she becomes a baby mama begging him to support his child.

    • Haha thanks!

    • Hrm, I always think it's like an oxymoron when guys say that, because if they needed sexual release so badly, then why couldn't they just get themselves off instead of trying to force someone into something? Anyway, great answer!

  • Lol its not selfish on his part but yes he did it inthe wrong way and you will be fine you already had him friendzoned in your head

  • Really depends on the perspective. Overall, sounds like bad communication.

  • Maybe. Maybe not. Most likely he's just being a douche. But he could also just have terrible blue balls (which feels like gas in the testicles and a dull ache in the stomach) which he's used to getting rid of with pussy rather than jerking off. Blue balls is real. Pussy gets rid of it the best although I just jerk off for it.

    so yeah it technically is possible for blue balls to hurt a great deal. Even require antibiotics to get rid of if bad enough.


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