Ever let someone go?

Have you ever dated a guy and it was going great but he all of the suddent pulled away.. and you are stuck there not knowing what you have done.. You think back on your dates and how amazing they were and how he said he liked you and wanted to spend more time with you.. but after that one great date he pulls away?

And when you confront him about it he said he doesn't have time for a serious relationship now in his life because he has a lot going on..
and by the way doesn't live in your town..

So instead of being super mad at him and cussing him out.. you simply say i understand and you let go.. and remain friends..
and months later he contacts you and tells you he has moved to your town and meets you and again have a amazing time and he tells you to just let him know if you want to meet up again.. and you do but he still doesn't seem all present.. and interested..

but i know he is moving in December to the middel east for a coupple of months..

have you ever let go and the guy has come back and apologized?


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  • Yup it happened to me before. And I glad he did that now. He wanted to remain as friends but I rejected. He didn't come back and apologise but each tjme when we bumped into each other, he would lookaway quickly, I think he felt guilty for hurting me.

    • What do you think of the situation i wrote.. was he just not interested?

    • he isn't interested in u tbh, if he does he would have proceeded further

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