Should I be friends with a guy that doesn't want a relationship?

Last night this guy i was talking to told me he isn't ready for a relationship because he doesn't know what he's going to do with his life he opened up about how after he graduated all his friends left to college following thier dreams while he's stuck here not knowing what to do also that he hates short relattionships & wants a relationship to be long term but he's young (hes 19) & doesn't want anything serious he said he likes me a lot but doesn't want to lead me on & hurt me because what if we get serious & he decides thats not what he wants yet i wish he would have told me all this before feelings & sex got involved but he's saying he doesn't want us to just cut each out our lives and be just friends & still hang out (no intimacy) but I don't know if i can do that my feeling for him are strong what should i do


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  • You should either let him go and be free of the burden of this "friendship" or keep him close and live in nostalgia and want until he is replaced. Both are valid actually.

    • Im not going to sit around waiting for him to want a relationship im moving on forsure but I don't know how we could just be friends after being so close

    • If you cannot see it being that way then don't try to force it into reality. Release the burden.

    • So what should i do just tell him thats not what i want & stop talking to him

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  • Every relationship is different. Be glad he's being honest, and not leading you on. If you want to take it further, then... take it forward. If he says no, then it's that simple. Guys are linear creatures, even when they lie, there is still truth present. #Mfgconsulting. org


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  • Yes, you should be friend with him. And open your mind open your eyes too. He need sometime to realize what he want. Don't rush him. :)

    • Usually if a guy says this id just assume he only wanted sex or something but for some reason i beileve him & respect him for being honest & upfront he really opened up to me last night i could tell that he was really trying not to hurt me

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    • Once i move on from a guy comepletly i can be friends with them without having old feelings cone back up but thats only if I've moved on foreal. The quickest way for me to move on is time & not seeing them it would be hard to get over him as friends right after

    • Well, Just move on. I don't talk with all of friends that I have. But when we meet again we still friend. Forget about this boy.

  • I wouldn't tell him. I would just cut contact and see if he fights for you

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