He said he'll talk to me about it tomorror.. does it sound bad?

I asked this guy about a week or 2 ago whether or not he was attracted to me, he said he was but he was confused and didn't know what it meant to him and he needed more time to think..

So tonight I asked him if he had thought anymore about it.. his response was 'I'll talk to you about it tomorrow' so I said ok then good night.

Does this sound bad? Or is there a possibility he has some complicated reason why he is attracted to me but can't date me?

Guys if a girl asked you this that you were attracted to , what would some of the reason be why you would leave it another day rather than just tell her what the go is and get it over and done with , whether the outcome is or isn't what she wants.


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  • Dammit @Aysle you said what i was going to say. he may be attracted to her physically but not want to date or be in a relationship. Hell, it might just be a sexual thing only. She basically asked him out. Remember those days when you ask a girl out and she goes "let me think about it"... yeah, this is like the reverse of that.

  • He might be attached to you and may find you good looking but he may not want a relationship with you. His tactic of waiting until tomorrow maybe that he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

    He also may just be getting into the flow of being attracted to girls, in some people that doesn't happen untill later on in life.

    He may also be homosexual.

    Just take your time with him and listen to what he has to say. Don't push him into anything.

    • I actually did have a thought that he may be homosexual, but in denial. He's 24, has only had one girlfriend but is ridiculously good looking, has a few quirks about him. Maybe his culture and family makes itdiffdifficult to accept. I'll have to wait and see what he has to say I guess..

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