Dating someone in your friend group?

Well there's this girl who hangs out with my "main " friend group when we meet up. She's been single for a few months and I"m pretty sure she at least thinks i'm cute but I'm a 100% sure she did before I could be wrong who knows. This year i barely hang out with most of them and the group feels weaker. I was the least close with her and we've never even had like a full convo without anyone else arround. i dont have her number or nothing I only hang out with her if she comes with the other guys. Like 2 or 3 times in the last 6 months. Is their anything to loose for me going for this. It won't be weird if we barely talk now


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  • I'm in the same situation but obviously its a guy for me. I want him to just let me know!!! so just do it, she may be shy and is hoping you'll make the first move. If she rejects you well then there are plenty of fish in the see, you have absolutely nothing to lose. perhaps something to gain :)


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  • There is a lot of risk. Rumors and poison and all.

    • friend group is weak though since we're going separate ways. I don't know if i care

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    • so how do i go about this without making it seem like just something friends do together

    • I imagine you just make it clear.