Is this girl going to leave her boyfriend?

I think this girl in my class likes me. I wasn't really interested in her at first. I talked to her once and she gave me some compliments. Since then she keeps touching me like at first putting her hand on my shoulder, than grabbing my arm and squeezing it when she sees me.

She looks at me a lot and we smile at each other a lot. Im starting to like her. Today the teacher criticized me about something and she immediately spoke up and started defending me.

I know she has a boyfriend, so Im wondering whats going on. She doesn't mention him to me and the one time I saw them together they were arguing.

Now Im starting to like her so all I can think is just be her friend and see what happens.


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  • if she's willing to cheat for you then she'll be willing to cheat on you.


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  • If she leaves her boyfriend to be with you, history will repeat itself. I guarantee it!