Is he not interested anymore? Why did he stop texting?

I met this guy online and we started talking and also eventually meeting up. Everything went good but after a couple weeks he stopped texting me. But he still sends me about 2-3 snapchats everyday. Why did he stop texting? Is he not interested anymore?


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  • Kinda depends.

    If you've tried to initiate texts, and he doesn't respond- probably not interested.

    Has he always initiated the texts before?- If so, he might be wondering if you're interested. Try starting the conversation.

    • The last time we talked I've initiated the conversation and he usually answers.

    • Things might be fine then. Guys often don't need as much conversation as women do. And he can always be busy with other things. If you've already gone out once, it's fair game for you to suggest another date, too. If he is willing to set one up with you, you'll know he's at least somewhat interested.

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