I want to go out with this girl but she has a friends with benefits?

So there's a girl i'm interested in but she's in a friends with benefits relationship. I know at one point in time she thought i was good looking and i have no idea how long this has been going on. From what i heard she likes me. I'm okay with the idea of it as she's single and can do it. But what if we start talking and still stays with him. What should i do?


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  • LOL ok dude look! friends with benefits mean NOTHING! They are there just to get off. Nothing emotionally involved. Just there because no one else is getting in bed with her. They aren't exclusive because that would be a boyfriend.
    She can date and the other guy can date whoever they want.
    Don't let her fuck buddy stand in your way.

    No such thing a a friends with benefits relationship. That's a boyfriend.

    If you want to ask her out do it!

    • Thanks this is what i was thinking.

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  • I know I had one until recently and I continued to date. If I had made it to thinking of sex with anyone I was dating the friends with benefits would have been dumped first.

    Go for it. : . Be sure if things start taking a turn for the physical you let her know her friends with benefits needs to go if you aren't comfortable.

  • She will drop him if she likes you

  • Ask her out; she may cut off that sex with benefits friendship.


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  • Ask if she intends to.