Boyfriend not protective?

The other day, I was at a party, my boyfriend was there, a few guys were hitting on me and checking me out , but he didn't say anything, and acted like it was normal.
My exes were all quite protective, I find it a bit weird that he did not react at all. Is it a sign that he doesn't care for me very much? And, guys : would you have said something?


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  • I wouldn't have given two shits about you.

    • Oh that's nice!

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    • Rude!

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  • It's more a sign that he trusts you to be faithfull, and that he does not care if guys hit on you because he knows you'll turn them down without even giving them a chance.

    • This guy hit the nail on the head.

      It was the same with my boyfriend, which bothered me as well as I thought he must be not THAT into me if he doesn't get in the least bit possessive. He mentioned to me recently though, that it does bother him quite a bit, but he has full trust in me that I would never actually do anything with other guys who may be hitting on me.

    • exactly. When a guy trurs you, he gives you more freedom. When he trusts you he won't be as clingy and posessive.
      Because he knows that any guy hitting on you could just as well be trying to hit on a rock.

  • maybe this guy is not the fighting type and has faith in you

  • We're not wild animals, he doesn't have to jump in and get all protective over you just 'cause a few guys are chatting you up. It's your job to tell them no yourself.

  • Maybe he wants you to be able to 'protect' yourself. It just shows he's not needy and believes you can take care of yourself with how you want your relationship to go.

  • Boys and girls, men and women: we all enter relationships voluntarily and can leave them at any time. It is impossible to constantly and continuously be "protective" of the world surrounding your partner. It's always the mutual agreement of 2 people to be faithful with each other - and girls, you know deep down if you truly are committed or looking for other options. So what did you tell these guys that were hitting on you

  • I would have more faith in you, but if it got to the point of him doing any more than shaking your hand or a buddy hug I'm going to say something. I know there's a difference between being playful and being flirty.


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