How can I make my girlfriend think of me more?

sometimes she writes me a lot of sweet things, sometimes she is just dull, sometimes i have to wait hours for an answer, or she starts the conversation with kisses or just a plain hallo. She also likes to ask me where i am, etc... acting like she doesn't care but she does. i get the feeling she doesn't always value me enough and im not really into games, but I've read, sometimes its better to wait with responding to texts straight away. she made me wait 5/6 hours for a text, and now she sends me a simple hallo, should i let her wait for a while, or text a simple hallo back, but i dont want to blow my chances of seeing her tomorrow by not answering now, i really dont know what to write anyway. so is it better to make a girl wait sometimes, will she value zou better than?


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  • How old is this woman?

    • she is 24, well i wrote her back, she did read my messages but barely an answer... i know she has people around but im your bf hello, we dont have to be calling every single minute of every hour, but it would be nice to get a little bit more response, i know, irl she is different, i hope she is just home this evening, ill see her than.

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    • Read this. This souSounds likes the game she is playing.

    • well i know she was busy, but if she could write me a hallo, and i responded a hour later, she had time to respond, but thats just the way she is. if im with her, i can't wait to make out with her, when her daughter goes to bed, but in the beginning she is holding back, than later in the evening we make out big time. one moment she doesn't want me over, than sometimes not to much later, she says yes, and yes i just keep myself in controll a bit better, not dropping by to often, but well 3 days is long enough for me. i want to see her again, im just gonna inform her, that ill be around her town between a certain time and ring the doorbell, or call her, and tell her, im at your door, if you want me in, open or else ill drive home.

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  • I stopped at the waiting 5/6 hours on a text. I'm sorry but idc if she is playing like she is hard to get with you. That is supposed to be your gf and that is unacceptable. If she truly care for yu she would smother you with attention and affection. Unless she ain't that type then it will be a challenge like now.

    • well she isn't a very romantic type, one moment she overloads me with lovelye messages or emoticons, and the next moment she is just sending normall texts, nothing spicy, im more about sending her lovely texts, and talk about our lives in person. sometimes i think im to clingy or needy, for willing to be with her as often as possible, but fact is, she is also a single mother. so her time needs to be devided, but its normall that we love to be around the person we love. well i just hope i can see her, thats all i want, those texts mean nothing to me , if i can't see her

    • You seem like a very sweet guy and maybe she isn't so ready to be all mushy back with you. You should try and talk to her about if you are to clingy for her or if your doing to much to soon. That's always good to ask when dating. Becuse you guys need that understanding befor it gets to deep for you.

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  • Goddammit...(25 to 34) Aren't you a little old to be screwing round like this?

    Maybe if you grew your balls a little bigger than the size of 2 grains of rice she would respect you more. If you want her to think better of you be a fudging man! It all starts by not being an anonymous pussy on G@G.

    • you sir sound like a douchebag, as you can read, im not really into those childish games, but well, i feel taken for granted sometimes by her. i text her, most of the times i get direct answers, or sometimes i have to wait for hours, or i ask / tell her im coming over, she says no, than i ll leave and 1 or 2 hours later she texts me, where are you, well im home, telling me she wants me to come over, well that means i would have to take a 1 hour drive.