How do you get a stubborn guy to apologize for him being wrong? Or should I just apologize and be done with it?

We got into an argument because I said I didn't need his help with something that he had previously agreed to help me with. He gets mad and calls me names n curses me out. We haven't spoken in days.


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  • I think that the issue is more his conduct during the argument. An apology is superfluous if he's gonna be an abusive dick about it. Don't cave because of his behavior. Stand your ground and set bounderies, cursing you out and yelling at you is not ok. Trust me, I've been on both sides of that situation before.

  • Apologize and move on.

    • That's what I've been thinkn to do but I was not the one in the wrong nor did I say anything negative towards him. Why should I always be the one apologizing to make things right between us?

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    • Thank you.

    • Mhm.

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