Was lunch with the girl I like, a date?

I'm still new to the whole dating/relationship thing, so I don't know much about it. I'm not trying to label it, just trying to figure out what it was so i can maybe have an idea on where it's heading.

I was invited to coffee by the girl i like. We ended up having lunch and chatting and generally getting to know one another.

She dressed herself up; she was really beautiful AND she insisted on paying. Now, i don't know, but if it was just friendly we would've split the bill, i'm pretty certain because that's what i would do.

So was it a "date", or what was it? I can't figure it out...


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  • Well you were invited by her. it was coffee and it turned into lunch and a long conversation and she insisted on paying. Dudeshe's so into you.


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  • Or, she paid for it so it wouldn't be a date. If I were you, I'd call her back, take her out again as a date, and squash your confusion. Be a man about it :) the worst that could happen is a no. Then you're not wasting your time anymore. Win/win. #Mfgconsulting. org

    • why would she pay for it if she didn't want it to be a date and not go dutch with the bill? We are seeing each other again, she is very keen to do so (i'm taking her to her favourite band that's playing live, but she thinks we're doing something else hehe). We are taking it slow and steady, as we both agreed on that.