What is going on? haven't spoken to him?

Okay so my boyfriend is in the military and he left our town to go back home to visit family for about 3 weeks. While he was away I gave him some space because he had to handle family business. But he came back home about a week and a half ago he surprised me at my house. and we spent that rest of the day and the next day together. But now I haven't seen him since that day and I called him he said he had to call me back it wasn't a good time but he hasn't returned my call. Now he used to visit me at least 3 times a week and now I haven't seen him. but he also had to leave his car back with his family. so he doesn't have reliable transportation to my house. Anyway. I'm still worried and slightly upset to why I haven't seen or spoken to my boyfriend. am I over reacting and should give him space or is something fishy?


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  • Is he still enlisted, if not, check in with his family. #Mfgconsulting. org

    • what do you mean?

    • Well, if he's enlisted... they could have called him back on duty, and phone calls are sometimes difficult, I know, I served. If not, check to see if he's Okay. Third option... he moved on :/

    • Yeah that's possible. a few months ago they were speaking of moving him to different bases. But it wasn't official then.

      I hope it's not the third option

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  • Keep calling until you get an answer

    • he hasn't ignored my call he just said I'll call you back. but I don't want to annoy him if he really is just busy