Why do guys either reject or play on me?

I'm 18 and have never been on a real date before. Guys just don't approach me and ask me out. They either reject me completely or play on me. They just don't see me as girlfriemd material I don't know why. I'm not butt ugly or dumb or have a boring personality. Just why is this happening? Just in case you want a picture then say so I'll inbox you.


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  • I don't want a picture because that doesn't matter. Guys who date girls they don't know are guys who just want to f***. Maybe those guys noticed you're not one of those girls and don't want to date you. That's great news for you. I just date when I think she's worth it. And I only know if she's worth it if I know her. You don't need to be best friends, you just need to talk to guys (we like chatting when we're not with the girl) and get to know them. Then you'll know if HE'S WORTH IT and if you can approach. Don't be afraid, you have plenty of time and you should not worry. Good luck and go for it because it's amazing! :)


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  • Its just because you haven't found a certain guy yet, thats pretty much it!

    Send me a picture and i will give you an honest opinion BUT remember that everyones opinion of someone else is different

  • I'm in the EXACT situation you're in right now! Personally, I was too focused on my school life and finding out who I was rather than finding out who somebody else was. And when people saw that, I guess they respected that and let me be.

    That and, well, I'm 6" 3' and have a rugby player build, so I guess I'm not that approach able once you think about it (lol :P).

    I don't know what your situation is, but maybe guys think that you're way out of their league? Or you focus on your future than someone else, like me.

    • My situation? Being the only Asian kid in a private college :/ I'm pretty sure that's why. I probably look diferent from everyone else so maybe they don't consider dating me. Not that I don't have any friends I have lots of friends guys and girls but never a boyfriend. :/

    • Wow... That's actually really cool!

  • "I'm not butt ugly or dumb or have a boring personality.", I feel like someone should write a take on how you can't declare yourself interesting, smart, and pretty. You just can't. You may genuinely be entertained within your own world and just be boring to everyone else. Happens all the time. Same with knowledge; you may think yourself smart but be missing key knowledge such as social skills and be seen as a write-off. Blahblah analysis.

    • I didn't know guys like to over-analysize and make themselves sound like a fool who's not happy with his life and is mad and jealous with people who he thinks is better than him.

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    • At least we know why no one will actually be with you. It's because of your reputation. You're a whore. Good guys don't invest in whores.

    • This guy was the one who judged without even knowing you, maybe he's Sherlock Holmes... but I'm not sure because I haven't seen any evidences yet. Normal people just judge with evidences.

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  • I don't need see a picture of you to know that you are beautiful in your own way, and sometimes it takes guys a while to think, "Wow she is amazing I shouldn't have treated her that way", or, " She is gorgeous I really should have dated her" and once they do you'll have guys lining up by your doorstep.

    • Thank you you're so nice :)